WedSep 5Honey BadgersAlchemists7:30 PM
WedSep 5Craig's HardwareDarkness8:30 PM
SunSep 9Jimmy K'sDarkness6:30 PM
SunSep 9Home Improvement ContractingRage7:30 PM
SunSep 9Turn4ToiletsMarauders8:30 PM
WedSep 12Craig's HardwareHome Improvement Contracting7:30 PM
WedSep 12AlchemistsTurn4Toilets8:30 PM
SunSep 16DarknessHome Improvement Contracting6:30 PM
SunSep 16RageJimmy K's7:30 PM
SunSep 16MaraudersAlchemists8:30 PM
SunSep 16Turn4ToiletsHoney Badgers9:30 PM
WedSep 19DarknessCraig's Hardware7:30 PM
WedSep 19AlchemistsHoney Badgers8:30 PM
SunSep 23Jimmy K'sAlchemists5:30 PM
SunSep 23RageHome Improvement Contracting6:30 PM
SunSep 23Jimmy K'sHome Improvement Contracting7:30 PM
SunSep 23MaraudersTurn4Toilets8:30 PM
WedSep 26Honey BadgersMarauders6:30 PM
WedSep 26Craig's HardwareHome Improvement Contracting7:30 PM
WedSep 26MaraudersHoney Badgers8:30 PM
SunSep 30Jimmy K'sCraig's Hardware6:30 PM
SunSep 30AlchemistsMarauders7:30 PM
SunSep 30DarknessRage8:30 PM
SunSep 30Honey BadgersTurn4Toilets9:30 PM
WedOct 3DarknessRage6:30 PM
WedOct 3RageTurn4Toilets7:30 PM
SunOct 7Home Improvement ContractingJimmy K's6:30 PM
SunOct 7Craig's HardwareRage7:30 PM
SunOct 7AlchemistsTurn4Toilets8:30 PM
WedOct 10Honey BadgersJimmy K's6:30 PM
WedOct 10MaraudersCraig's Hardware7:30 PM
WedOct 10Honey BadgersDarkness8:30 PM
SunOct 14Home Improvement ContractingDarkness5:30 PM
SunOct 14MaraudersJimmy K's6:30 PM
SunOct 14AlchemistsHome Improvement Contracting7:30 PM
SunOct 14RageCraig's Hardware8:30 PM

NOTE: All games are subject to change. Be sure to check with your team captain before heading to rink!

Fall 2018 Session

Starts September 5th

Rosters Due August 29th

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